Dog Walking

When you have a dog, taking him or her out for a walk is a basic need to ensure they are happy, healthy, well socialised, and exercised properly.

However I know that work and other commitments can mean it is not always possible to give your dog the amount of exercise he or she may need. This is where I can help take the pressure off you, and make sure you dog gets the walks and socialisation that he/she needs. 

They will be able to run, play and socialise with other dogs and you can feel comfortable knowing that your dog is having a great time. 

My dog walking service will give your dog something to look forward to every day. Plus the right amount of physical and mental stimulation will energise not only their body,  but their mind and spirit too.

I vary the walks I take the dogs on every day - which range from a great run on the Richmond Racecourse, to a leisurely stroll around the river. Each walk lasts for a minimum of 1 hour -not including travel time, so your dog will be walked for the full hour.

I can collect from all areas in and around Richmondshire, and have a fully equipped van which ensures your dog is transported safely and securely. All dogs are fully insured whilst out walking and being transported.  I also provide water bowls, and towels for your dog at the end of each walk, and will endeavour to make sure they don't re-enter your home with muddy paws!

  • I will firstly visit you and your dog so that I can get to know him or her in their own surroundings, and talk to you about their requirements, likes and dislikes, habits, training and behaviour.
  • Following our meeting I will call to take your dog for a walk, as many times in a week as is required.
  • Following the walk , I will return your dog home, and make sure he/she is cleaned down from the walk and has fresh water.
  • I will leave you a full description of where your dog has been, and what they have been up to on their walk including any toilet habits, and/or problems.
  • You can ring or text me any morning to arrange for me to take your dog out that day (before 10am)- or to cancel and rearrange - no charge.
  • Guide dogs for the blind are walked free of charge.



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Call me on: 07444 371945



About Me

  • Fully Insured - meaning your dog is insured whilst out walking and being transported.
  • Experienced Dog Handler - from Great Danes to Lhasas' to Terriers
  • Guide Dogs for the blind are walked free of charge.